Prop Puller #T01K048


Prop Puller #T01K048

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To be used on all Flexofold propellers for shaft.


If your Flexofold propeller is stuck on the shaft cone, this tool will make you remove the hub in no time. Besides this Prop Puller, you only need a wrench.

How to use the Prop Puller

  1. Remove the propeller blades from the hub.
  2. Place the part of the Prop Puller / "fork" that fits your propeller (2-, 3, or 4-blade).
  3. Mount the pivot pins to create a backstop for the Prop Puller.
  4. Prevent the pivot pins from falling out by mounting the tapered locking screws (only loose tightening is needed).
  5. Turn the screw towards the shaft until it force the cone to lose its grip (take care not to drop the hub).