Anode, Zinc #112


Anode, Zinc #112

Sale price€34,00

For use in SALT WATER.


Fits all Flexofold 2-blade LA (closed gearing) propellers.
Fits all Flexofold 3-blade propellers.
Fits Flexofold 4-blade up to 23".


Zinc anode for use on Flexofold propeller in SALT WATER.
Net weight = 0,5 kgs.
Includes mounting screw pre-applied with Dri-Loc®.


Tool needed for mounting: Allen wrench, 6 mm.
The Dri-Loc® is usable for mounting above as well as under water.
For further information, please download mounting instruction for your specific Flexofold propeller.

If reusing any screws pre-applied with Dri-Loc® after they have been mounted once, threadlocker must be applied to the screws again. The function of the Dri-Loc® only works once.
We recommend using Loctite® 243 Blue Medium Strength Threadlocker.